Disciplinary issues

Disciplinary issues

North Point School is not only a place to learn and practice various academic skills, but also a place for students to understand and observe appropriate Islamic behavior and conduct. Appropriate Islamic behavior and conduct to a large degree is based upon the students’ learning to exercise self-discipline and self-control. This includes learning to respect the rights and properties of others and doing what is necessary to follow rules and regulations, which have been formulated from an Islamic perspective, to ensure a better life for them and those around them.


The disciplinary rules have been established to promote such an Islamic character and to maintain an atmosphere that encourages learning for all students. These rules have been made to ensure fairness and equality for all students. It is impossible for good teaching or learning to take place unless there is order.


Students must keep in mind that teachers are responsible for their overall welfare and safety. As a result, teachers are given the authority to maintain proper student behavior as outlined herein.


The teachers and administrators at North Point School reserve the right to decide whether or not a student’s behavior is in violation of the established rules of Code of Conduct and Islamic values. The goal is to take corrective action that will be counseled by their peers. In some cases, parents will be referred to professional counselors. The purpose is to provide the best possible assistance for a student’s needs. Students in violation of school rules and policies will receive consequences. While students must learn to bear consequences of their actions, they are encouraged to do supplication, dua’ and ask Allah (SWT) for forgiveness. The act of seeking forgiveness and being forgiven is an Islamic concept that will be incorporated while dealing with all students.


Courteous behavior and respect for the rights and property of others is expected of all students, not only in the classroom, but also throughout the school, within the vicinity of the school, in their neighborhoods, on buses during field trips, and at all school activities. Corporal punishment is completely banned under all circumstances at our School.