To be considered for admission, the child must reach the appropriate age for their respective grade by June 30th.

Grade Level Age
Pre School 3
Pre-Kindergarten 4
Kindergarten 5
First Grade 6
  • All new student may require to appear in academic placement examination. This will depend on whether the student is being able to submit previous academic/behavioral records to the school.
    • Students are required to abide by all school rules and behavioral expectations.
    • Students must adhere to our school uniform on a daily basis. Uniforms should be purchased directly from our uniform vendor.
    • The school reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose progress, conduct, or attendance is not satisfactory.
  • Each class in middle and senior sections should have a maximum of 20 children and 15 in junior sections.
  • Admission normally occurs at the beginning of each school term.
  • All applications are to be made by filling in the form available in school office.
  • The admission committee, adopting the criteria formulated by school authority and the admission policy, will process all applications.
  • All admissions are ensured in accordance with the schools admission policy.